Zazzibar Venue

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zazzibar venue is the perfect place to
spend your next group event!

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plenty of room!

This customized space is large enough for 100 people, including a dj booth, tables, and our 100% recycled furniture to sit on!

worry free!

Worried about the weather? We’ve got you covered! Rain or shine, all of Zazzibar Venue is covered with a large open tent!

customizable open space!

This space is perfect for Weddings, private parties, and corporate events!

dance with a view!

Stand on a unique and fun mix of turf and concrete that covers the whole area, so there are plenty of soft areas to sit down, or dance the night away! It is even an ideal spot for yoga classes!

poolside parties!

Zazzibar features beautiful views of our pool that will have you ready to take a dip!

incredible energy!

We even set up a brand new theater screen right in front of our pool! It is an incredible spot for watching movies while you are swimming, or dancing with your friends!

Please contact us for more information, and to reserve this space for your next event!

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