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Are there any fees for early check-in?

Yes, for an early check-in Before 12:00 PM, a fee of $35 will be charged. For an early check-in between 12:00 PM and 2:50 PM, a fee of $25 will be charged.

What are your fees?

$150 Incidentals
$10/night parking
$25 early check-in between 12pm-2:50pm
$50 late check out until 2 pm, anything after will be an automatic additional night
$25 microwave/stay
2% Occupancy Fee

Is there laundry at the property?

While we do not have washing machines on the property, EZ Wash Laundromat is located directly across the street from Hotel Zazz. They even offer drop-off services. Their address is 3900 Central Ave. S.E.

Is it Noisy in the area?

Since we are located on the famous Route 66, and in the heart of the Arts District, there is always something going on. We are in a city environment with over 206 local business, so please expect some noise in the area during your stay.

What are the hours for Lounge?

The Lounge is closed on Mondays. It is open Tuesday - Thursday from 3pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 1:30am and Sunday from 2pm to 10pm.

Do your food trucks always stay the same?

While we try to keep the food trucks consistent, they are subject to change. Please inquire about our current food trucks when you plan to stay with us.

Is the area safe?

Yes! While we are located in a city, we have 24/7 security, as well as 40 cameras all over the property. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions or concerns during your stay with us.

Where do I go for Monet's SKIN CARE STUDIO?

If you have an appointment for Monet's Skin Care Studio, please check-in at the front desk in the lobby. The Spa is located on our property. Please park in the pink curb, facing central.

Do you have parking?

Yes we do, however parking is extremely limited due to our location in the historic Arts district. To avoid not having a spot, please give us a call to reserve one ahead of time. If you do not reserve a spot, all of the streets surrounding the hotel have street parking. All streets are monitored by cameras and are a safe place to leave your vehicle. *Please note, Hotel Zazz is not liable for off-property parking.  

What are the lobby hours?

The lobby is closed from 2:30AM-8:30AM. Security is on property 24/7, but the lobby is closed during those hours.

What if I arrive after 2 AM?

There is a late check-in fee of $100 if you arrive after 2AM. We are happy to work with you, so If you know you will be arriving late, please call or text us in advance.

What if I am checking out before 8:30AM?

If you are checking out before 8:30AM, no problem! Please make sure that we have your email address on file at check-in so that we can send you your receipt. This way you can leave anytime you need to!

Do you have ironing boards?

Yes, ironing boards, hair dryers, and steamers are all available upon request.

Is housekeeping done every day?

Not unless you would like it to be! In order to remain an environmentally friendly property, housekeeping is available upon request. Please let us know at check-in if you will require it every day during your stay.

Who can use the pool?

All guests of the hotel can access the pool. We also have our Zazz swim club! The swim club is available to all neighbors of Nob Hill and all Lounge patrons!

Can we accommodate groups?

Yes! Please call to inquire so that we can assist your group reservation.

Is that really a theater screen next to the pool?

Yes it is! We have a giant theater screen right next to our pool. Take a dip and watch a movie!

Is anyone under 21 years of age allowed in Z Lounge?

Yes! Every day until 9 PM, minors are allowed in Lounge, as long as they have a guardian with them. Anyone can enjoy Mock-tails from Lounge until 9 PM daily.

What if I forgot to bring a toothbrush with me?

Please call the front desk when you arrive if you realized you forgot something. There is a good chance that we will have everything you need available for purchase right at the hotel.

What if I buy a copy of your book?

If you purchase a copy of our children's book, you will have a lifetime discount of 15% off at Hotel Zazz! Just make sure to bring your book with you when you come to visit!

Can I take pictures at Hotel Zazz if I live in the area?

Please call to inquire about this if you are not currently a guest of Hotel Zazz. Most of the time we can work with you to make this happen, but please ask us first.

What if I still have more questions?

If you have any questions at all, please call or text Hotel Zazz for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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